The birthstone for those born in March, aquamarine symbolizes health, hope, and youth, and is even known to bring the wearer blessings of love and affection. However, you don’t have to be born in the third month to appreciate the beauty of this ethereal gem.

Aquamarines are a prominent member of the beryl family, a category of gemstones which includes well-known names such as morganite and emerald. More enduring and less fragile then it’s green relative, aquamarine measures in at seven and one-half to eight on Mohs’ hardness scale and is fairly light, making them an excellent choice for earrings, rings, and pendants.   

Ranging in color from light blue, bluish-green, and in rare cases, deep blue, these ethereal stones are reminiscent of crashing waves and ocean tides, paying homage to its namesake, a combination of the Latin words water and sea. While aquamarines are scattered all around the world, appearing in places such as Russia, India, Nigeria, and Afganistan, it’s the South American country of Brazil which produces the most desirable stones.