Accuracy in Diamond Grading

Accuracy in diamond grading is important for the quality and the value you deserve and expect from us. In general, diamond grading is done subjectively, i.e., a diamond’s grade is based on an opinion. Claims to hand selected by experts, are often used to convey to the consumers, appearance of quality. There is solid scientific evidence that human vision is unable to accurately and consistently differentiate between colors that are very close to each other.

Licha uses patented and objective diamond grading technology pioneered by ImaGem Inc. for accurate and repeatable diamond grading.

Every diamond over 0.25 carats is graded using scientifically calibrated machines for color, clarity, light behavior, fluorescence, proportions, alignment and symmetry. After machine grading is complete, an expert gemologist checks the diamond and confirms the grading. This exclusive grading process is our way of bringing to you a beautiful diamond that accurately represents its value. The table below shows price differences in the values of diamonds. Wrong grading can cost you money - plenty of it.