Color in Diamonds

Diamond color grades range from D to Z color. D color diamonds are colorless and Z color diamonds are light yellow. The lesser the color in a diamond, more valuable it is, with the exception of fancy colored diamonds.

Differences between diamond color grades are subtle and difficult to tell apart just by looking. For this reason, it is desirable to select diamonds graded by reliable and scientific instruments.

Colorless and near colorless diamonds are most popular for jewelry. 

Fancy colored diamonds range from yellow, brown, blue, green, pink, purple, orange and other hues. Fancy colored diamonds are highly priced. Natural fancy colored diamonds are rare. Many so called fancy colored diamonds are not natural but enhanced through treatment. Fancy colored diamonds with treatment are less valuable than natural fancy colored diamonds. Before buying fancy colored diamonds, make sure full disclosure is made regarding origin of color.

How is color graded?

Traditionally color in diamonds is graded based on visual comparison between a diamond to be graded and a set of master stones. In other words, it is the opinion formed by a gemologist that is used to assign a color grade. There is significant scientific evidence that human perception of color is anything but accurate and repeatable. What this means is that the color grade of a diamond obtained by visual examination can vary. To be sure about your diamond's color grade, it is important that assessment of color is made based on objective measurements

Human ability for perception – expert advice that shows that color perception in humans is not repeatable and inaccurate

We take color grading seriously!

At Licha, we believe basing color grades entirely on opinions is not sufficient. Not when a color grade can affect a diamond’s value by several hundred or even thousands of dollars.

For this reason, Licha Diamonds has adopted ImaGem Inc.’s patented technology for diamond color grading. ImaGem offers a reliable color grading system based on scientific measurement.

All diamonds over 0.25 carats are graded using objective numerical measurements for color. Combining over 20 years of scientific research and universally accepted diamond grading schemes, ImaGem has developed objective standards for grading color.

UNITED STATES PATENTS ISSUED TO IMAGEM INC. # 6,020,954, # 6,239,867 AND # 6,980,283.

Patents have been issued to ImaGem Inc. in Canada, Mexico, South Africa, China, India, Europe, Russia and several other countries.