Licha Advantage

Thank you for selecting Licha Diamonds! 

Our approach combines objective grading technology, sourcing directly from mines, vertical integration, a well connected network of suppliers, designers and bench jewelers and a strong desire to deliver solid value to the consumer. 

Objective Grading Technology is the backbone of our business. We use it for selecting and analyzing the diamonds, moissanites and gems that we buy and sell. We use objective grading technology by ImaGem Inc. and grading services from Precision Gem Grading Laboratory

Mine to Market concept is at the core of our business model. We have partnered with mine owners to bring you a stunning collection of natural gems at exceptional prices. By sourcing directly from the mines, we eliminate the middleman and pass on the savings directly to end users like yourself. 

Unique untreated gems are our specialty. Much like us humans, every gem we sell is unique. Its beauty is defined by its color, clarity, lustre, shape and proportions. Majority of the gems we sell are natural and are not enhanced for color or clarity. 

Over the last several years that we have been in the diamond and gem industry, we have built a network of large number of manufacturers of diamonds, gems and jewelry. Through this network, we are able to procure excellent prices for virtually anything that our customers may want. If you have a unique request or want a particular type of jewelry, not shown on our website - do not hesitate to reach out to us. More than likely, we can procure it for you through our network.