Light Behavior

A beautiful diamond has Excellent Light Behavior.

The latest developments in diamond cutting technology focus on how to cut a rough diamond to achieve a finished diamond that is brilliant, has high sparkle and high intensity. It is remarkable that we can take a rough diamond from its natural state to a finished product that is so beautiful. 

Rough Diamond Crystal and Polished Diamond

There are two main approaches to evaluating how well a diamond has been manufactured. One approach uses "Cut Grade" and the other uses "Direct Measurement of Light Behavior" in a diamond. 

The Cut Grade approach is based on the premise that all diamonds with top Cut Grade will also have excellent Light Behavior. In reality, diamonds with the same Cut Grade can have very different Light Behavior. For example, the following two diamonds have exactly the same Cut Grade and yet their Light Behaviors are remarkably different.

Licha Enterprises selects diamonds based on actual light behavior of diamonds. It uses Direct Measurement technology developed by ImaGem Inc. This approach guarantees that each and every diamond has been measured for its Light Behavior and objectively selected on strict measurement criteria. For example, the diamonds below are graded Excellent+ on ImaGem's Direct Measurement of Light Behavior. Another feature of these diamonds is that we provide you with numerical data for Brilliance, Sparkle and Intensity. 

We highly recommend selecting a diamond based on direct measurement of its light behavior. Beware that some in the industry do not actually measure the light behavior but use an estimate. Estimation does not guarantee the actual light behavior of a diamond. At Licha Enterprises, diamonds are manufactured and selected based on direct measurement of actual light behavior. You can be sure that you are purchasing a product which has been tested, measured and evaluated objectively.