Moissanites are an environment-friendly and affordable alternative to diamonds. All moissanites sold by us are certified by Precision Gem Grading Laboratory for color, clarity, light behavior and proportions. 

Moissanite is a created gemstone that looks and feels just like a regular diamond. It is made of a composite of silicon carbide, or SiC. The unique amalgamation of elements in this compound render the stunning, one-of-a kind sparkle of the stone.

Origins: Moissanite in its mineral form was originally found by the French chemist Henri Moissan while examining rock samples from a meteor crater in Arizona in 1893. At first, they were mistaken to be diamond crystals and later on found to be Silicon Carbide. The mineral form of silicon carbide was later named "moissanite" in honor of Henri Moissan.

Refraction: Moissanites by their nature are doubly refractive - which lends to the extra sparkle that these gemstones possess. Refractive index ranges between 2.65 to 2.69. 

Hardness (MOHS Scale): The stones are nearly as hard as diamonds in the hardness scale, ranking at 9.25. For the sake of comparison, the moissanite is harder than a ruby, which ranks at 9. 

Warranty: All moissanites come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and a grading certificate from PGGL that states the color, clarity, light behavior and proportions of the gemstone. 

Diamond Equivalent Weight: Moissanites of the same size as a diamond weigh less than a diamond. In such cases, a diamond equivalent weight is used to represent what a diamond of the same size as a moissanite weighs.

Certification: All moissanites purchased on our website come with a Moissanite Grading Certificate. This certificate has been created using state of the art and patented gem grading technology by ImaGem Inc. 

ImaGem’s Moissanite Grading Certificate is based on measurements of color, clarity, fluorescence, light behavior and other properties of a gemstone. In this certificate, we have added direct measurement of light behavior which is key to buying a beautiful gemstone. Our measurements of light behavior: brilliance, sparkle, intensity and light behavior grade, represent aspects of a gemstone that are easy to see and are used in buying a beautiful gemstone.