Beauty Score is a proprietary metric used by Licha Diamonds to select diamonds that score high on overall beauty or in technical terms; light behavior. 

Since it is difficult for consumers to differentiate between color grades, clarity grades and cut grade, there is lingering doubt about quality of the diamond purchased. On the other hand, Beauty Score is easy to understand and diamonds with different beauty score are visibly different. This makes your shopping experience exciting and reliable. 

At Licha Diamonds, we only sell diamonds that have a Beauty Score of five and four stars. 

Beauty Score is used by us for selecting diamonds. It is derived from the brilliance, sparkle and intensity of a diamond's light behavior. It is depicted with an easy to understand five-star rating system.

  • Diamonds with Excellent+ and Excellent light behavior are rated at five stars.
  • Very Good+ and Very Good diamonds are rated at four stars.
  • Good light behavior is rated at three stars
  • Fair light behavior is rated at two stars and
  • Poor light behavior is rated at one star.


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