0.5 Carat D Color SI2 Clarity with EX Light Behavior

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Beauty Score:★★★★★
Weight: 0.50 carat
Color: D (Colorless)
Clarity: SI2 (Slightly Included)
Light Behavior: EX (Excellent)


This diamond is manufactured by skilled craftsmen, to meet the high standards of brilliance, sparkle and intensity set by Licha Diamonds. It is certified by Precision Gem Grading Laboratory (PGGL). PGGL uses ImaGem technology to collect objective measurements on light behavior, color, clarity, fluorescence and proportions. The grades shown on the Certificate are based on these measurements. Learn more about the Diamond Grading Certificate

Licha Diamonds supports local workers and provides good paying jobs in the local community. We use technology to cut beautiful diamonds, certify and bring to you for selling. through vertical integration, we are able to bring to you a beautiful diamond at highly competitive price. 

Licha Diamonds complies with Kimberley Process Certification to ensure ethical sourcing of rough diamonds.