6.37 ct Pink Tourmaline and Rose Gold Necklace

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Pretty in pink!

This necklace features a 6.37 carat oval shaped Pink Tourmaline set in a delicate 18 inch 14k rose gold filled chain with a spring clasp.

The pink tourmaline has pretty hues of pink and purple. 

The gemstone set in this necklace is natural and has not been treated to improve color or clarity. 

Approximate Gem Weight: 6.37 carats
MM Size: 14.2 x 11.2 mm
Chain Length: 18 inches

Handmade in the USA

About Tourmaline Gems:

Tourmaline is one of the rare gems that occurs in virtually every color of the rainbow - right from vivid violets all the way to deep red rubellites. This special gem is a Type 3 gem, meaning it will almost always have visible inclusions. These inclusions give the gem deep character and uniqueness. Tourmaline is the birth stone for those born in October. 

A distinctive quality of tourmaline gems is the presence of two or more colors in a gem. Gems possessing these qualities are referred to as "bicolored" or "tricolored" gems. Watermelon tourmaline is one such example. Bearing the colors often seen in watermelons - pink and green!